Saturday, June 15, 2013

'comparison is a thief of joy'

My whole life I've been compared to my neighbors, my schoolmates even my siblings. Being competitive is just not in my nature. Being the best is just not what I want and clearly is not what i seek. Lately people been acting as if they're the boss of me! they tell what to do. That just ain't right!

I'm honored to have people that care for me but At times it gets irritating. Why would you compare me to the wonderful peeps that i could say that just to be half as good as them is good enough for me. Enough to make me happy and lead a blissful life, isn't that enough? 

To many it'll never 'up to par'. They want me to beat the rest. Their intentions are good but i dont think its executable. I am Happy doing what i love. Singing with my group. Seeing them exceed. My prayers are with them. Stop comparing. It does steal my joy.


fatinhanani said...

Do what you want to do. You're the boss in yourself. You are the one determining your future, you have the right to decide on your own. Do something that makes you happy, instead of doing it for someone else. Sometimes you need to be selfish, putting yourself first before others but of course, sometimes you need to think about the people around you as well. Do something for yourself, because you want it, instead of forcing yourself to do something that you don't want to do. Why? Because you deserve happiness, just like everyone else.

Chin up and be yourself. Haters are going to hate. We can never stop people from talking, from judging, from comparing. As a human, everyone does that. We can never ever satisfy everyone. As long as you're not doing something wrong, as long as you know what you're doing, isn't that enough? Don't let them, those people and their words bring you down because you yourself know who you truly are.

I have faith in you and we have faith in you. Keep on doing whatever you're doing right now and be happy doing so. Why? Because you're unique and special in your own way, Ariz Lufias. Some might not be able to see the uniqueness in you but trust me, quite a number of people out there notice how special you are.


Dyla Zainal said...

Yup...have been in the same situation before...being compared with my cousin since we were in the same school...give me a lot of headache & stress..luckily now i'm happy with my life...friends do help you a lot..u r lucky that u have a good friend to spent time & share your problem with...treasure them & most important always pray to Allah..

Amirah RJ said...

i love every sentences in this entry. wahh. really helping me in my grammar :D yeah. u r right. people should stop comparing cause our aim is not to be a better than others in our single day. our aim is to be a great muslim than yesterday.

Cik Nur™ said...

Sabar Ariz,
Pedulikan mereka yg selalu membanding2kan Ariz dgn sesiapa.

Apa yang lebih penting, jadi diri sendiri. Dan yang paling penting Ariz happy dengan apa yang Ariz lakukan..

you are the best Ariz..!

bass's mistress said...

hey ^^
i randomly found your blog today and saw this entry. it left a great impact on me. being compared while growing up is a common thing to happen. It happens to almost everybody. i experienced it too.
but then again, as i grow older, i learn to be happy with any comparison made by those who are important to me. i take it as a compliment, not a challenge. only then i started to see the positive side of their concern. they think i can do better coz i'm young. i feel a lot better after that.
our own satisfaction is always the priority. sounds selfish, yes, but we can't satisfy everybody. when somebody kills your joy, chin up and kill those negativity with your supermegaton killer smile!
ok, done membebel randomly lol.

anislee said...

Everything happen for a reason ^^,

Aini Nabilah said...

People will always talk-no matter how good you are. So Ariz, just do what you love and give the very best in everything you do. One day, when they become tired of talking,surely they'll stop. Stay positive Ariz! I know you have an amazing talent in you..keep up the good work! :)

Puteri Eyna said...

me too...ina pon tak suka klo kena compare2 ngn org...nak2 org yg compare tuh ntah sape2...
tp kan,,, klo pkir2 balek...baguz jugak kne compare...we can be a better person...amik yg positif... #peace :)

Azizah Shafiqah said...

but now, u're the wonderful peeps! u're the best among the best :D